2021 Women’s Leadership Seminar

September 21–24, 2021
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Second Annual Women’s Leadership Seminar will take place in Centerville, Massachusetts on Cape Cod from September 21-24, 2021.
An ability to handle chaos and curveballs can make or break your success as a legislative leader. This is a skills-based retreat for women in leadership interested in better managing change as well as their chambers. By improving your ability to diagnose the legislative landscape, you will be able to generate a broader range of action options that help you make progress on the issues facing your state. Connect with other women legislative leaders in Cape Cod and come prepared to engage in a legislative problem or two that keeps you up at night, or reflect on a past challenge from which you can learn new lessons.

Registration is by invitation only.

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Agenda Highlights
·  Improve your ability to diagnose the legislative landscape
·  Generate a broader range of action options on issues facing your state
·  Connect with other women legislative leaders from across the country
·  Reflect on past challenges and learn new approaches

Mitzi Johnson

Mitzi Johnson
Leadership Consultant
Former Speaker of Vermont

Mitzi Johnson is a consultant and trainer in leadership and democracy, focusing on the practical application of skill-building. She recently concluded 18 years in the Vermont House of Representatives, including four years as Speaker and six years as Vice-Chair and Chair of the House Appropriations Committee. She holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. Mitzi serves on the Government Outreach team for US Digital Response, a national non-partisan volunteer organization helping state government deliver services and crisis response, and on the board for the Vermont Foodbank and the Adaptive Leadership Network, a non-profit engaged in leadership training and complex problem solving.

Dr. Kirsti Samuels
Leadership and Strategy Consultant
Columbia University

Dr. Kirsti Samuels is faculty at Columbia University where she teaches Leadership and Management in Moments of Adversity and Opportunity at the School of International and Public Affairs. She is a Principal of KS Insight, a leadership and strategy consultancy based in New York City and the Executive Director of the Adaptive Leadership Network.

Dr. Samuels has spent 20 years as a mediator, facilitator, trainer and executive coach in countries and organizations seeking innovative approaches to complex problems. She has worked with executive teams, senior country leadership, and armed rebel groups. She has worked extensively in highly divided societies and has particular interest in creating spaces for dialogue and alignment across divisions. Clients range from the President of the Comoros Islands, the leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, the US Department of State, the United Nations, the World Bank, to the American Hospital Association and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. 

Kirsti holds a Doctorate in Law from Oxford University, a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a Bachelor of Science and Law from Sydney University.

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