Previous SLLF Webinars

Election 2020: What Happened and Why
November 18th, 2020

Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report spoke with us on Wednesday, November 18 to help us make sense of the chaotic and historic 2020 elections! Why were polls and prognosticators off ? Or were they? Was the “pandemic election,” with its high turnout and mass of early voting an aberration or an indicator of future elections? Blue wave? Red wave? Click on the watch webinar link to view a recording.

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Webinar Series: FY 2021: State Spending, Revenue, and Balanced Budgets in the Wake of COVID-19
Wednesday and Thursday, September 23 & 24, 2020

September 23- We Learned from the Great Recession and What Can States Do Now
September 24-  the Gap: Spending, Revenue, and Balanced Budgets
We assembled an all-star lineup of economists and legal scholars who led these sessions.

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National Speakers Conference via Zoom
Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Since we can’t bring you to Alabama this year, we’ve decided to bring a little bit of Alabama to you! You’re invited to join us for a National Speakers Conference special Zoom presentation featuring Retired NASA Astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson.
Then all Speakers of the House are invited to stay for a special “Speakers Only” session with pollster and author, Kristen Soltis Anderson.

Students and Schools: American Public Opinion About Education in the Covid Era
A discussion with pollster Frank Luntz
Friday, August 28th

Watch veteran pollster Frank Luntz discuss an enlightening session about what American parents want from their school systems amid the Coronavirus pandemic and the best ways to effectively communicate with them about it. In this discussion-style zoom meeting, Luntz shared informative slides based on his recent polling of parents of school-aged children.

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The Coronavirus Recession: How Bad Is It and How Long Will It Last
Wednesday, July 29

The Coronavirus Pandemic is historic in terms of its impact on public health and state economies. How long will it be before states are able to get a handle on the pandemic and begin to rebuild their economies? In this 90 minute webinar we will rely on fact-based scientific evidence to explore possible scenarios that the pandemic might take over the next year and their impact on the economy and on state expenditures and revenues.

Featured presenters:
Dylan George, Vice President, In-Q-Tel
Dan White, Director, Government Consulting and Fiscal Policy Research, Moody’s Analytics

Conference of State Majority Leaders
Thursday, July 9th

The 8th annual Conference of State Majority Leaders took place virtually via Zoom on July 9th, 2020. The webinar was hosted by  California Senate Majority Leader, Robert Hertzberg and featured special keynote speaker Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The Majority Leaders Session featured surprise guest speaker political commentator Frank Lunz. This unique program was designed to provide majority leaders the opportunity to discuss their challenges, learn from one another and form friendships with other leaders from across the country.

Leading through Crisis: In the Eye of the Storm
Tuesday, June 23


An exclusive Webinar for all legislative leaders and SLLF Advisory Council Members

This hour long webinar featured a conversation between Andy Card, former White House Chief of Staff to George W. Bush and Joe Straus former Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Andy Card shared a riveting account of what it was like in those early moments on 9/11 and in the days thereafter and provided examples of how a leader can rise to meet the challenge during times of great uncertainty and fear.

Courageous Crisis Leadership: Rules of the Road

An exclusive Webinar for all legislative leaders and SLLF Advisory Council Members

How one responds to crisis is a defining moment that puts on full display all the qualities we associate with truly great leadership – courage under fire, clear thinking and common sense, intelligence, compassion, decisiveness.
Listen in and take note as Harvard Business School historian, Dr. Nancy Koehn, highlights the effective techniques and strategies great leaders have employed in times of uncertainty and economic dislocation.

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