Fall Leadership Summit

Sept 29–Oct 1
Fall Leadership Summit
Boston, Massachusetts


Columbine, Newtown, Las Vegas, Buffalo, Uvalde. For every mass shooting that dominates the headlines and frightens our fellow Americans, there are scores of other gun deaths happening everyday. Intimate partner and family homicide, hate-inspired violence and gang conflict account for a staggering amount of gun deaths in our country but are often overlooked by the media. In this program we partnered with Northeastern University to break through the fear and hyperbole surrounding gun violence to focus on the facts. We brought in highly-regarded experts to provide strategies to increase the safety of your constituents. Policies based on facts, not fear. 

Program Objectives:

  • Address myths and realities regarding gun violence in America
  • Learn effective crisis communication methods to use in the event of a tragedy
  • Examine the various types of violence and prevalence of each (mass shootings, school shootings, intimate partner and family homicides and gang violence)
  • Learn from national experts so you can base your policies on facts, not fear
  • Explore strategies for finding a bipartisan consensus to address public safety issues
  • Discuss particular strategies that are most likely to work in your state
Anthony Braga
Director of the Crime and Justice Policy Lab
University of Pennsylvania
Hon. Robert DeLeo
University Fellow for Public Life
Northeastern University
James Alan Fox
Professor of Criminology and Public Policy
Northeastern University
Roderick L. Ireland
Distinguished Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Northeastern University
Jack McDevitt
Professor of the Practice in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Northeastern University
Hon. Chris Murphy
U.S. Senator

Sarah Peck
Co-Founder & Director
Kristina Rose
Director, Office for Victims of Crime
U.S. Department of Justice
Dr. Michael Siegel
Visiting Professor, Public Health and Community Medicine
Tufts University

Hon. Thom Tillis
U.S. Senate
North Carolina