In 1991, a group of Speakers of the House convened the first meeting of what soon became the National Speakers Conference.

Since then, the NSC has grown to be the largest gathering of legislative presiding officers in the country, with commonly two-thirds of all sitting Speakers and their chiefs of staff attending the annual 4-day event. Each year the conference rotates to a new state.

New Speakers Orientation Program

As is the case every two years, state legislatures across this great nation are convening right now to write budgets, pass laws and address the many challenges facing their states. In more than a third of those states, a new speaker is presiding over the chamber. Being a new leader is always daunting, but during these times fraught with health, economic and political crises the job is made even harder. Fortunately, the State Legislative Leaders Foundation is here to make sure new speakers will not have to face these challenges alone, but with current and former speakers by their sides.

National Speakers Conference
NSC Group Photo

2023 Programs

Feb 17-19, 2023

2023 New Speakers Orientation – 11th Biennial Meeting
Washington, DC

Sept 6-9, 2023

2023 National Speakers Conference – 31st Annual Meeting
Hosted by: Speaker Brad Wilson
Salt Lake City, Utah