In 1991, a group of Speakers of the House convened the first meeting of what soon became the National Speakers Conference.

Since then, the NSC has grown to be the largest gathering of legislative presiding officers in the country, with commonly two-thirds of all sitting Speakers and their chiefs of staff attending the annual 4-day event. Each year the conference rotates to a new state.

New Speakers Orientation Program

In odd-numbered years, shortly after each general election, SLLF and the National Speakers Conference convene a special program for recently-elected Speakers. It is a unique event; nearly 75% of new speakers commonly attend.

Newly-elected Speakers have a chance to rub shoulders with seasoned Speakers, and learn what to expect in their new job. They get to discuss with an expert faculty, proven strategies that contribute to success. But most importantly, they get to meet and talk with their peers.

As in all SLLF programs, the emphasis is on building relationships that cross party lines, and that deal with concerns shared by all legislative leaders.

National Speakers Conference NSC Group Photo

Upcoming Programs

SEP 9-12

Postponed – National Speakers Conference
Birmingham, Alabama  October 20-23, 2021