2019 Spring Leadership Summit

May 2-4, 2019
Boston, Massachusetts

The 2019 Spring Leadership Summit was held from May 2-4 in Boston, MA. Attendees gathered to hear inspiring stories of leaders working together across the aisle. Sometimes being an effective or even great leader means holding your ground; other times it means seeking and forging compromise. All too often today’s legislators are refusing to compromise, refusing to settle for less and ending up settling for nothing. The result, no bill is passed and problems remain unresolved. During this program we discussed real-life examples of legislative leaders reaching across the aisle forging new friendships and respect for their colleagues.

It is only when we join together in a forward movement that this country moves ahead...”

– John F. Kennedy

Program Highlights:

  • Inspire legislative leaders to work with all members of their legislature to develop and pass policies that make life better for the people of their state.
  • Establish the historical importance of compromise in the progress of American democracy.
  • Provide evidence that legislative cooperation increases public support for the policies and the policy makers.
  • Offer examples of state legislators who are working effectively across partisan and ideological lines to address critical public policy issues.
  • Give participants tools to encourage cooperation and collaboration in their own institutions.

Featured Presenters: