2019 Fall Leadership Summit

October 24-26, 2019
Dallas, TX

All leaders experience crises, unexpected events that demand immediate attention and threaten to derail their agenda. Lincoln had the Civil War. FDR had the Depression and World War II. LBJ came to office under the cloud of Kennedy’s assassination and had to govern through Vietnam. George W. Bush had to deal with America’s greatest international crisis in more than half a century. Your tenure as leader will also be marked by unexpected events that threaten your ability to govern. Join us in Dallas on October 24-26 for “Testing Your Mettle: Leading Through Crisis” to learn how to govern through inevitable crises.

For additional information contact Evelene Lakis.

Program Highlights

  • Discuss strategies and tools legislative leaders can utilize to maintain public confidence and carry out the people’s business in the midst of crises.
  • Learn from national experts about how Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush balanced crisis management and governance.
  • Hear an insiders account of how the Bush Administration responded to 9/11 and simultaneously continued to lead.
  • Tour the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Sixth Floor Museum and the Texas Bookstore Depository.


Friday, October 25

Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War: Governing in Times of Ultimate crisis
Richard Norton Smith, first Executive Director, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library

Strategies for Leading Courageously in Crisis
Dr. Nancy Koehn, historian, Harvard Business School

Controlling Chaos: A Panel of Legislative Leaders Who Have Governed Through Crises
Roger Hanshaw, Speaker, West Virginia House of Delegates
Mac McCutcheon, Speaker, Alabama House of Representatives

Tour of The George W.  Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Governing in the Aftermath of 9/11: A Voice from Inside the White House
Andrew Card, former Chief of Staff, President George W. Bush

Saturday, October 26

Reflection: Tour Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

An Eyewitness to History: A Conversation with Hugh Aynesworth
Nicola Longford, Executive Director, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Hugh Aynesworth, Reporter and Author

LBJ and the Aftermath of the JFK Assassination: From Crisis to Policy
Mark Updegrove, President & CEO, LBJ Foundation