Our nation’s state legislative leaders occupy a remarkably demanding position — and a key one — in the American political system.

They make our laws. But to do that, they must also be capable managers; articulate spokespersons for their political party, their chamber, and their legislature as a whole; effective mediators of dispute, and architects of compromise; and tireless fundraisers and campaigners for their party and themselves.

In recognition of the unique responsibilities of legislative leaders, SLLF hosts leadership education programs each year, in partnership with leading universities.

There is a small universe of organizations which serve state legislators. In that world, SLLF is a beacon of nonpartisanship, excellence, and learning, for all state legislative leaders.

SLLF Leadership Summit

Upcoming Programs

Sept 29 – Oct 1

2022 Fall Leadership Summit
Boston, Massachusetts

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Past Program

April 21 – 23

Spring Leadership Summit: “Engaging Differences”
Washington, DC

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