National Speakers Conference – 30th annual meeting

Aug 23–26
Hosted by Speaker Brian Egolf
Santa Fe, New Mexico


The most popular meeting of presiding officers in the country took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico where Speaker Brian Egolf acted as our official host for the 30th Annual National Speakers Conference.

Every National Speakers Conference is an opportunity for the host Speaker to showcase their state and their legislature. This program showed participants that the capital city of New Mexico has much to commend itself to our attention and affection. This year’s annual meeting provided an atmosphere where Republicans and Democrats alike, could gather in a spirit of camaraderie and friendship to share notes and learn from one another, all while enjoying the cultural and historic riches of this quintessential American western city!


Program Highlights

• Opening reception and dinner on the rooftop of LaFonda overlooking historic Santa Fe plaza
• Insights on the upcoming election from political analyst Larry Sabato
• A discussion with WWII Navajo Code Talker, U.S. Marine Peter MacDonald
• Tour and authentic lunch at Tesuque Pueblo
• “How to Have Hard Conversations,” with author and journalist Anna Sale
• Reception and dinner at the State Capitol
• Presentation by Sandia National Laboratories
• Special spouse/guest tours
• Reception, dinner and performance of Falstaff at the Santa Fe Opera