The State Legislative Leaders Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of and for all Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders, and Leaders Pro Tempore.

If you are a legislative leader, consider SLLF your organization!

Every year SLLF convenes top-notch educational programs for legislative leaders, many in partnership with leading colleges and universities in the United States and overseas. Our programs never advocate for a particular public policy, or a specific piece of legislation.

Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, attend SLLF programs in virtually  equal numbers because they know our programs are as objective and as unbiased as we can make them.

Legislative Leader Programs

Below is a list of our programs, and who is eligible to attend. Please click the event to learn more.

New Speakers Orientation (recently elected Speakers of the House and their Chiefs of Staff)

Spring Leadership Summit (all legislative leaders)

Emerging Leaders Program (select legislators, nominated by their leadership and selected based on application)

Conference of State Majority Leaders (sitting House and Senate Majority Leaders)

International Program (SLLF Board members)

National Speakers Conference Annual Meeting (Speakers of the House and their Chiefs of Staff)

Fall Leadership Summit (all legislative leaders)

Board Meeting/Leadership Roundtable (SLLF Board members)