…as a Legislative Leader

If you’re a Legislative Leader, consider SLLF your organization!

The State Legislative Leaders Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of and for all Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders, and Leaders Pro Tempore.

Objective and Unbiased

Every year SLLF convenes top-notch educational programs for legislative leaders, many in partnership with leading colleges and universities in the United States and overseas. Our programs never advocate for a particular public policy, or a specific piece of legislation.

Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, attend SLLF programs in virtually equal numbers because they know our programs are as objective and as unbiased as we can make them.

…by joining our Advisory Council

An Opportunity for Meaningful Dialogue

SLLF, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, derives nearly all its funding from corporate contributions and annual membership dues. Private sector representatives who sponsor a particular program or become part of the Foundation’s Advisory Council are encouraged to interact with state legislative leaders in the classroom, and in various social and cultural settings.

Because SLLF does not advocate public policies or take positions on issues, the opportunities for meaningful dialogue at SLLF programs and events are unmatched.

SLLF Program

SLLF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that has educated and helped state legislative leaders since 1972.