Beating the Opioid Crisis: Inspiration, Education, Excellence

By Thom Little, Ph.D. SLLF’s motto is “Inspiration, Education, Excellence.” Last weekend, I believe we fulfilled that mission and motto as we presented “Addressing the Opioid Crisis” in collaboration with the Center on Addiction and Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. The all-star faculty inspired the audience to act, educated them so they could act effectively [...]

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NSC 2018: People, Politics, Policies and Presidents

By: Thom Little, Ph.D. In late August, 2018, Speakers of the House from more than half of the fifty states gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 27th Annual Meeting of the National Speakers Conference (NSC) hosted by the Honorable Robin Vos, President of the NSC and Speaker of the Wisconsin House of Representatives. The program [...]

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Who We Are

By: Stephen G. Lakis, President, SLLF “In highly excited times it is far easier to fan the flames of discord, than to subdue them. And he who counsels moderation is in danger of being regarded as failing in his duty to his party.” These are the words that were uttered by Daniel Webster shortly after [...]

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We Do We Do What We Do?

By: Thom Little, Ph.D. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog entitled “Why Do They Do That?” trying to explain why younger legislators, staffers and constituents do the things they do–like sharing so much on social media, ignoring institutional practices and protesting instead of voting. In that piece, based on presentations at SLLF’s recent [...]

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Why Do They Do That?

By Thom Little, Ph.D. Why do young people today seem to be addicted to their iphones or tablets? Why do junior legislators seem intent on bypassing the committee process and the leadership structure? Why are young voters as interested in marching for a cause as they are in voting for a political party? Why do [...]

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2018 Here We Come!

A three-day Board Meeting and Leadership Forum in sunny Palm Beach, Florida. Now that is how you wrap up a year that can only be described as “a home run!” 2017 was the busiest and most ambitious year in the 45-year history of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation! Over the last twelve months, we coordinated [...]

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Who Knew? What to Visit in the Northwest Territory

  In sixth grade I thought it was hilarious, as eleven year-olds do, that Ohio was part of the “Northwest Territory,” so I wrote a report about it. I remember not a word of the report. But, I made a colorful picture of the tract, for my cover: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and part [...]

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Observations from China

  Thanks to the State Legislative Leaders Foundation and the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,  I recently had the privilege of spending a week in this beautiful and fascinating country  with three others from SLLF, and fourteen state legislators from across the US. Now that I have returned home and have had [...]

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Diary of a Majority Leader Conference

  Thursday July 20, 3:45am: At this hour there’s only one proper thing to be doing, unless you’re in emergency services, morning broadcasting, or writing a term paper. That’s sleeping. Why am I getting dressed? Thursday July 20, 7:05am: Large airplane, me in it, takes off from Boston’s airport, heading exactly for London. I love [...]

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Leading with Civility

Here’s a fun fact: almost one American in ten thinks that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Only four in ten are pretty sure our Civil War was fought over slavery. Three-quarters (just) are confident that the earth revolves around the sun, or that the U.S. got its independence from Great Britain. But 95% of [...]

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