I Found a Dinosaur!

By Thom Little, Ph.D. I found a dinosaur- or at least something that I thought had become as extinct as the dinosaur: a high profile, competitive statewide campaign that was about issues and not personalities. In fact, it appears that the two candidates actually liked each other and treated each other with respect and dignity. [...]

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Our New Year’s Resolution: A More United Nation

By Thom Little, Ph.D. As we sit at the threshold of another new year with all of the possibilities and challenges it holds, I want to propose a new year’s resolution on behalf of SLLF for 2019: We resolve to do everything we can to bring this great nation together behind the democratic values and [...]

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SLLF Appoints New Board Members for 2019

Eleven new legislative leaders have been appointed to the State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF) board at its annual Board of Directors meeting in Las Vegas on November 30, 2018. The board also welcomes new Chair, Connecticut Senate President, Martin Looney and Vice Chair, Wisconsin Speaker, Robin Vos. “I’m eager to work with this great new group [...]

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Beating the Opioid Crisis: Inspiration, Education, Excellence

By Thom Little, Ph.D. SLLF’s motto is “Inspiration, Education, Excellence.” Last weekend, I believe we fulfilled that mission and motto as we presented “Addressing the Opioid Crisis” in collaboration with the Center on Addiction and Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. The all-star faculty inspired the audience to act, educated them so they could act effectively [...]

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NSC 2018: People, Politics, Policies and Presidents

By: Thom Little, Ph.D. In late August, 2018, Speakers of the House from more than half of the fifty states gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 27th Annual Meeting of the National Speakers Conference (NSC) hosted by the Honorable Robin Vos, President of the NSC and Speaker of the Wisconsin House of Representatives. The program [...]

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Who We Are

By: Stephen G. Lakis, President, SLLF “In highly excited times it is far easier to fan the flames of discord, than to subdue them. And he who counsels moderation is in danger of being regarded as failing in his duty to his party.” These are the words that were uttered by Daniel Webster shortly after [...]

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Forging a New Route for the State Legislature

By: Thom Little, Ph.D. For more than seventy years, the descendants of James H. and Virginia Howell Colson have gathered in Norwood, North Carolina on the first Sunday of June for the Colson Family Reunion. As one of those descendants, I have probably attended about half of the reunions, including the 2018 edition. When I [...]

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