Welcome. We here at the State Legislative Leaders Foundation are dedicated to serving as an impartial educational resource for our nation’s top state legislative leaders: speakers of the house, senate presidents, majority leaders, minority leaders, and pro tempores. Since 1972, SLLF has been at the forefront, recognizing the critical role legislative leaders play in shaping public policy and upholding the integrity of the institutions they represent and lead. We began nearly 50 years ago with the support of a grant from the Ford Foundation.

Our purpose back then was to champion a series of legislative reforms designed to help state legislatures become more effective, open, and responsive to the citizens they serve. I was part of that early SLLF team and for 4 years my assignment was to assist the leadership in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in designing and implementing various procedural and structural legislative reforms.

I learned my trade working with outstanding legislators and professional legislative staff, crafting reforms we hoped would improve the overall legislative process. In retrospect, we were only modestly successful in reaching our goals. However, in one respect, those early days played an invaluable role teaching me how legislatures work and most importantly, those early projects gave me a front-row seat to watch and study the varied roles legislative leaders play in guiding the entire operation of the state legislature. Amongst these men and women, in the halls of the Massachusetts and New Hampshire State Houses, I developed a deep sense of respect for the institution of the state legislature that has guided my actions to this day.

This newly redesigned website captures some of the spirit, energy, and enthusiasm that permeates everything we do here at SLLF. We are proud of the fact that we are a nonpartisan organization dedicated to serving all state legislative leaders with programs and activities that help them become the best they can be.

I invite you to peruse these pages and give us a ring or drop me a note if you would like any further information about us and the work we do.

Very truly yours,

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Stephen G. Lakis, President

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Stephen G. Lakis