The State Legislative Leaders Foundation was established in 1972 as a national, independent, nonpartisan organization representing all state legislative leaders; a constituency we define to include Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents, Majority Leaders, Pro Tempores, and Minority Leaders. Equally important, SLLF works with future or emerging legislative leaders by offering them training and practical lessons on the qualities of effective democratic leadership.

The work of SLLF centers around building more robust democratic institutions in each state by investing in legislative leadership and by gathering state legislative leaders together to share innovative ideas across party and state lines.

Since its founding, SLLF has fulfilled its role by serving as a fact-driven educational resource providing legislative leaders with useful insights on a wide range of critical public policy issues and proven leadership skills. Our educational programs, held in partnership with leading colleges and universities, are widely acclaimed for their scholarship, inclusivity, and practical value.

What separates SLLF from all others is our demonstrated ability to bring legislative leaders of all political stripes together in settings that promote honest and frank conversation. SLLF programs are where new and lasting friendships are born, often among legislators from different parties and ideologies. Overcoming these barriers to collaboration and compromise may very well be the Foundation’s most lasting contribution to legislative leadership and good government.

I invite you to peruse these pages and give us a ring or drop me a note if you would like any further information about us and the work we do.

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Stephen G. Lakis, President

Stephen G. Lakis