This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation. In the last half-century, we’ve held hundreds of educational programs and meetings, touching generations of past, present, and future legislative leaders. As founder and president, I’ve had the good fortune to be doing something I love, working day to day with an exceptional group of professional colleagues. We’ve done incredible work together. And if 2022 is a milestone for SLLF, then my fervent hope is that it also turns out to be the year when Covid is finally tamed, and our political tensions are tempered. That would be a real cause for celebration! 

From its beginnings at the height of the state legislative reform era in the early ‘70’s, the State Legislative Leaders Foundation has modeled itself as an impartial educational resource for our nation’s top state legislative leaders; a place where Speakers, Senate Presidents, Pro Tems, Majority and Minority Leaders can meet, learn, and perhaps be inspired to do great things. To accomplish these worthwhile goals, SLLF offers all state legislative leaders regular opportunities to participate in meticulously planned national educational programs widely recognized for their academic excellence and ability to bring leaders together regardless of their party affiliations or politics. 

Our focus in 2022 and beyond is to continue our work building high quality programs where legislative leaders can gather to discuss, debate, learn, and be inspired. We are hopeful that this year the worst of Covid will be behind us and we will be commencing anew the task of healing our nation. For our part, we at SLLF will be redoubling our efforts to bring these leaders together not just physically in the same space, but together as public servants sharing a common sacred bond; a sworn oath to the institution of the state legislature, the public they serve.

Today our role as a nonpartisan, independent organization dedicated to serving ALL state legislative leaders has never felt more important.

I invite you to peruse these pages and give us a ring or drop me a note if you would like any further information about us and the work we do.

Very truly yours,

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Stephen G. Lakis, President

Stephen G. Lakis