Marcia Vandervoort

Executive Vice President

Sitting on the beach in the summer of 1981 Marcia agreed to do some part-time work for Steve Lakis who had recently been made president of SLLF. He was working out of his home office on the Cape and she was his neighbor and family friend. Thus began the saga of the IBM Selectric typewriter on the dining room table and the humble beginnings of the Foundation of today.

For over 40 years Marcia has been part of the team that creates, plans and manages the Foundation’s national and international educational programs. She’s also assisted in editing several major research studies, and much of the correspondence that goes out. She works closely with the Board of Directors and the National Speakers Conference.

Marcia grew up in Florida and went to college in New Orleans. She and her husband Tom moved to Cape Cod in 1980 and raised their family there. When she’s not working Marcia enjoys practicing yoga, doing crossword puzzles, reading and walking (3 miles a day!). But her favorite pastime is spoiling her two beautiful granddaughters.