Due to the pandemic, from January through August 2021, all SLLF programs and activities will be held virtually. A full agenda of in-person meetings will commence in September with the SLLF Leadership Summit in Philadelphia.


January 27

Post-election discussion: Surveying the new political landscape


February 12 – 13

New Speakers Orientation Program
A special program for all and recently elected Speakers of the House
(On day 2 we will hold an informal reception for all new speakers and corporate sponsors)


February – April

Strategies for Rebuilding & Strengthening Our State Economies
A three-part series focusing on how we rebuild our states’ tattered economic infrastructures and strengthen state revenue structures for the future.


March 3

The State of the States: America’s State Legislatures
A Conversation with legislative leaders and Advisory Council members

April 7

The State of the States: Education Policy
A Conversation with legislative leaders and Advisory Council members

May 5

The State of the States: Public Health
A Conversation with legislative leaders and Advisory Council members

May – July

Equal Justice Reform
A three-part series examining the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on Police Reform, Court Reform, Prison Reform

June 2

The State of the States: Assessing where we stand at the mid-point
What’s worked, what hasn’t, what are our priorities moving forward?

July 5 – 8

Emerging Legislative Leaders Program – 17th annual meeting
Darden School of Business, University of Virginia


August 11 – 13

Women’s Leadership Seminar – 2nd annual meeting
Cape Cod, Massachusetts


September 9 – 11

Fall Leadership Summit:
The Relevance of the United States Constitution in 21st Century America
How is our Constitution holding up in the midst of the civil unrest and political division that has gripped the United States just two decades into the new century? Constitution Hall, Philadelphia

October 20 – 23

National Speakers Conference – 29th annual meeting
Hosted by Speaker Mac McCutcheon
Birmingham, Alabama

December 3 – 5

SLLF Board Meeting and Leadership Roundtable
New Orleans, Louisiana