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    2013 Health Care Summit

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Health Care in America:
     What’s Working, What’s Not Working and What’s Yet to be Done

    From September 15-17, 2013, SLLF and the Johns Hopkins University Medical school convened the third annual Health Care Summit in Baltimore, Maryland. The focus was on the fiscal and economic impacts of health care and health insurance across the country and preparation for the implementation of significant pieces of the Affordable Care Act in 2014.

    Program participants also looked at states’ experiences setting up health insurance exchanges and explored more  deeply the decision of more than half the states not to establish these exchanges. Participants considered what alternative policy solutions these states proposed to address the growing costs of care and the urgent healthcare needs of their constituents.

    Comments about the 2012 Health Care Summit:

    "It was worthwhile to have civil, academic discussion from the experts on a law that has strong beliefs on either side of the debate."
    – Jason Frerichs, Senate Minority Leader, South Dakota

    "No organization sets the bar as high as SLLF. This program was very timely."
    – Bob Nutting, Speaker of the House, Maine

    "Very impressed. I have been attending health care forums for five years and this was the best one I have attended."
    – Jon Richards, State Representative, Wisconsin