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    2013 Conference of State Majority Leaders

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Inaugural Meeting
    Host: Larry O'Neal, House Majority Leader, Georgia
    Co-Host: John R. Unger II, Senate Majority Leader, West Virginia

    On May 9, 2013 history was made in Atlanta, Georgia!

    "The SLLF gave us a great opportunity to learn about common goals, successes and problems from across the country and hear from private sector representatives about their perspectives."
    -- Ralph Okerlund, Senate Majority Leader, Utah

    The inaugural meeting of the Conference of State Majority Leaders was a smashing success! The program's 25 attending Majority Leaders were excited to have the unique qualities of their position recognized by SLLF and the CSML. It may be that the most valuable part of this program was simply the fact of having all these leaders together in one place. The interaction among leaders was amazing - leaders meeting for the first time were eager to learn from one another, sharing problems, solutions, and aspirations.

    Majority Leaders shared concerns about the increasingly difficult task of leading a generation of legislators who may have limited respect for the legislative institution and indeed may believe they have been elected to tear down, rather than build up, government. All agreed that leading the caucus is made more difficult by large majorities, partisan gerrymandering, term limits, and a growing distrust of institutions.

    Thank you to Georgia Tech for their superb facilities and excellent staff. Thank you to the host of this inaugural program, Hon. Larry O'Neal, House Majority Leader, Georgia. And special thanks to our corporate sponsors who made this program possible.

    We look forward to next year's CSML at Greenbrier in West Virginia, hosted by Hon. John R. Unger II.