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    2014 Conference of State Majority Leaders

    White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

    2nd Annual Meeting
    Hosted by: John R. Unger II, Senate Majority Leader

    Wow, what a great meeting. It's what I've been looking for. Great folk, venue, good education, take home value. Job well done.
    -- Senate President Pro Tempore Craig Estes, Texas

    This old dog definitely learned some new tricks which will expand my ability to be an effective leader in the future.
    -- House Majority Leader Larry O'Neal, Georgia

    The program was well worth the time spent and I rarely go to out-of-town legislative meetings. Meeting with peers lets you know you are experiencing the same issues and problems as other people around the country. It also gives you a chance to meet interesting folks from both political parties.
    --House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick, Tennessee

    Twenty-four House and Senate Majority Leaders from 21 states gathered at The Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia to discuss the unique and increasingly important roles they play in developing state policy. The program was designed specifically for the work responsibilities of Majority Leaders - the stewards of their institution.

    SLLF invited the trained facilitators of Business Improv to guide program participants in exercises designed to get everybody to listen better and to break down the barriers that prevent people from communicating openly. Their emphasis was on “yes, and” instead of “but”, which requires that listeners really pay attention to what they are hearing since they will have to elaborate on what they just heard, whether or not they agree. The energy level was high with participants actively engaged and interacting with one another around the room.

    Later in the program, House and Senate Majority Leaders met separately to spend time together discussing the challenges they face and offering solutions they have each found effective. The smaller groups gave everybody time to speak. Several of the leaders said these sessions were the best two hours they’ve ever spent at a conference. Their focus was on how to protect the institution of the legislature and make it work more effectively. The leaders were motivated, engaged, and serious.

    On the second day of the program, participants learned about creative and innovative efforts in West Virginia to combat childhood hunger and poverty and to increase academic performance. Senator John Unger and Gayle Manchin, President of the West Virginia State Board of Education, described how universal pre-K school meal expansions and other programs are increasing test scores and graduation rates across the state.

    We would like to thank Senator John Unger, Majority Leader of the West Virginia Senate for his great work as Chairman of the CSML and we look forward to working with Val Hoyle, Majority Leader of the Oregon House of Representatives, who will host the meeting next year!

    ARTICLE: For Leaders, Improv Training Is No Laughing Matter (pdf), Chief Learning Officer Magazine. Improv can help leaders become more self-aware while fine tuning soft skills like listening and relationship building.
    [Link to original article]

    Program Schedule (pdf)

    Program Faculty:

    • Richard Goff - Executive Director, Office of Child Nutrition, West Virginia Department of Education
    • Cesar Jaime - Senior Business Improv Facilitator, Business Improv
    • Bob Kulhan - Adjunct Professor of Business Administration, Duke University and CEO, Business Improv
    • Deanna Moffitt - Corporate Trainer/Facilitator, Business Improv
    • Gayle Manchin - President, West Virginia State Board of Education
    • Sean Monahan - Senior Improv Instructor, Business Improv

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    Read: Caught in the Middle: The Challenges of Being a State Legislative Majority Leader (pdf, 5 pages), a look into the diverse challenges of this unique leadership position.