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    Spring Leadership Summit

    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Simi Valley, California

    Whether or not you agree with their policies, Presidents are effective leaders. You can't become the "Leader of the Free World" without significant political skills. On March 19-21, SLLF explored some of those skills at the Reagan Presidential Library in our program "From the White House to the Statehouse: Lessons in Presidential Leadership." This was the second in our series of programs exploring the lessons of Presidential leadership and focused on Presidents Reagan, Eisenhower and Kennedy.

    Each of these Presidents, like each legislative leader, brings to the table a unique set of experiences and skills and each was successful in his own way. Reagan changed the world and gave us hope again. Eisenhower saved the world and led us through the economic and Civil Rights challenges of the 1950's. Kennedy stared down Castro and helped us believe that we could all make the world a better place. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the political challenges they faced, these leaders used compromise, vision, inspiration and maybe even a little "horse trading" to get things done. Over 40 legislative leaders from across the country joined Presidential scholars Richard Norton Smith, Lou Cannon, Jim Newton and Richard Reeves as well as members of the Reagan Administration to explore these Presidencies.


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