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    2014 Leadership Summit

    Little Rock, Arkansas

    This program was excellent. Applied leadership/case studies are the best learning tool. Good diversity of topics and panelists. The lessons, skills, and even failures of presidents are entirely relevant to state legislative leaders.
    -- Hon. Scott Saiki, House Majority Leader, Hawaii

    The State Legislative Leaders Foundation convened its first program of 2014 at The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library on March 27-29 for From The White House to the State House: Lessons in Presidential Leadership.

    From the program:


    More than ninety legislative and corporate leaders from around the country gathered to discuss the lives and leadership of America’s most recent Presidents. Under the tutelage of friends, scholars and colleagues of the Presidents, participants explored the leadership traits of America’s recent Chief Executives, including focus, humor, persistence, tenacity, vision, discipline, character and doing what is best for the most people. In describing the program, Arizona Senator Anna Tovar noted it was “absolutely amazing. I learned firsthand from people who have worked with Presidents and First Ladies. … I leave this meeting with a renewed vigor!” Hawaii Majority Leader Scott Saiki added, “The lessons of presidential leadership will inspire state legislative leaders to do great things.”

    For us at SLLF, that is the ultimate measure of success!

    Faculty included (see link at left for complete faculty):

    • Presidential scholar Mark Updegrove, Executive Director of the LBJ Museum and Library and author of Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency
    • Dr. H.W. Brands of the University of Texas and author of many books including Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
    • Mac McLarty and Bob Nash of the Clinton Administration
    • Jean Becker of the George H.W. Bush Administration
    • Anita McBride of the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Administrations
    • Longtime friends of Bill Clinton, Senator David Pryor and Skip Rutherford, Dean of the Clinton School of Public Service.

    Participants were also treated to a guided tour of the Clinton Library and a special presentation by Eric Draper, Presidential Photographer for George W. Bush.