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    2011 Education & Technology Summit

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    "Gave me a better understanding of the possibilities of using technology in education ... "
    -- Rep. Ruth Samuelson, North Carolina

    There is no issue more important to the future of America than the education of our children. And over time a consensus has developed around steps that states can take to improve the quality of education. In April 2011, legislative leaders, corporate leaders and experts from across the country gathered at the James B. Hunt Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy to discuss those steps.

    SLLF’s Making the Grade: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Economy focused attention on concrete actions that policy makers can take to help educators prepare today’s diverse and tech-savvy students for an ever-changing job market. The schools of tomorrow must be prepared to evaluate and reward teachers based on accurate and systematic measures of their effectiveness. In order to do this, states have to gather, organize and distribute information about what individual students do and do not know. And educators will also need to meet students where they are, combining traditional methods of teaching with new on-line technologies in a “blended classroom.” Indeed, in the next decade, more than half of all high school students in America will utilize on-line education for at least some of their courses.

    This was the second of a four part series of leadership programs entitled The American Revolution Series dealing with the sweeping changes in communications, demographics and economics. The first in the series, Democracy 2.0: Connection with the 21st Century America was presented at the University of Massachusetts in 2010.