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    2011 Governance & Technology Summit

    University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

    In the Cloud: Effective Governance in the Information Age

    New: IBM has issued a white paper entitled The Value of Smarter Social Services: Making a Quantitative Business Case for Transforming Service Delivery in Challenging Times

    The world is changing and government has to adapt. Today’s constituents and new legislators are used to instant access and interactive decision making. They can order a book, a song or a movie on line and be enjoying it within seconds. They can vote for their favorite American Idol while walking down the street. They can hold face-to-face meetings with colleagues around the world from the privacy of their offices. And they expect and demand the same speed and convenience from government.

    In this program, we explored how governments can utilize technological innovation with respect to the development of public policy and the delivery of public services. What would a “virtual legislature” look like? How do you organize (or reorganize) state government to take advantage of technology? How do you make sure that important data remains safe and secure? What services can be delivered effectively on-line and what services must still be delivered in person?
    This was the third of a four part series of leadership programs entitled The American Revolution Series dealing with the sweeping changes in communications, demographics and economics.