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    2011 Health Care Summit

    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

    The delivery and management of health care has enormous budgetary and societal implications. The issue is complex and the playing field is forever changing. It goes straight to the question of the role of government in private lives and takes a disproportionate amount of legislative time and resources. SLLF President Steve Lakis describes the costs and delivery of health care as “like death and taxes” - it’s an issue that will never go away and never be completely settled.

    This first program, in a series of three annual programs, will focus on health care and technology. Topics addressed will include digitizing patient records and other medical information and using this information efficiently; privacy and security; and the often confusing issues surrounding the implementation of new laws and mandates. On a more optimistic note, we will also explore how state of the art information technology can and will save money and provide efficiencies in the delivery and management of care.

    As with all SLLF programs, our overriding goal is to give legislative leaders relevant, objective information. SLLF aims to inform the debate, not to propose policy.

    On SLLF’s partnership with Johns Hopkins, President Lakis says "this new partnership with one of the world’s leading universities fits perfectly with the Foundations’ mission of educating and inspiring leaders to achieve excellence in all they do.”