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    2012 Economic Summit

    UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles, California

    The American Dream in the 21st Century:
    Jobs, The Economy & Moving Forward

    Program Challenge:
    With the shrinking of the middle class and America (and indeed much of the world) mired in the Great Recession, the American Dream seems out of reach for a growing number of Americans. Unemployment is high, optimism low and voters are anxious about the future. What can legislative leaders do to get the economy moving again, growing the middle class and renewing the American Dream?

    Program Objective:
    To offer legislative participants concrete short term and long term solutions to getting their state economies moving again and positioning their states to succeed in the technology and service-driven economy of the future based on advice from economists, scholars and other legislative leaders. For the short term, we will discuss and evaluate specific steps states are taking (or should take) to create jobs and get their economies moving. For the long term, we will explore partnerships between the public sector, private sector and institutions of higher education that will prepare workforces for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

    Program Sessions:
    Discussions will include the importance of a vibrant middle class to revitalizing the stagnant economy as well as specific steps legislators can take to rebuild their economies and that middle class. We will hear from leaders in several states regarding specific actions they have taken to move beyond this recession. A panel of scholars, political leaders and corporate leaders will discuss some public-private-university collaborations undertaken in California and take a tour of the UCLA Nanotechnology Institute–an example of just such a collaboration. The panel will discuss strategies for encouraging and facilitating cooperation between universities, government and corporations. Under the watchful eye of experts from around the country, participants will develop strategies for economic success in their own states.

    Program Faculty:
    Professor William G. Ouchi and faculty from UCLA Anderson School of Management as well as key economists from around the country.