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    2012 Leadership Forum

    Providence, Rhode Island

    The public has little trust for many of our governmental institutions, but it’s not hopeless. There are always positive signs that demonstrate to the people that their elected representatives are willing and able to do the right thing.

    This program gave us a chance to highlight a tough issue that the politicians got right!

    We have to believe that, while often flawed and always in contention, solutions can be found and government can work. Solving a problem doesn’t mean that everyone is happy and that no one takes a hit; it means reasonable compromise, transparency, and the genuine motivation to succeed for the sake of your state. It means allowing the facts on the ground to win over staunch ideology.

    Most important, it means believing in the deliberative legislative process - believing that our institutions can function the way they were intended to serve the people. You have to want your institutions to work and your legislative body to solve your state’s problems.

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    Rhode Island Pension Reform Panel Discussion
    From left: General Treasurer Gina M. Raimondo, Governor Lincoln D. Chafee,
    SLLF President Stephen G. Lakis, Speaker Gordon D. Fox, Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed