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    2012 Emerging Leaders Program

    University of Virginia, Darden School of Business, Charlottesville, Virginia

    “This program makes you do some self-reflection and think outside the box, while also shedding light on better ways we can serve our constituents by being open-minded and working with those whom you think you share nothing in common.”
    -- Representative Cherrish S. Pryor, Indianapolis, IN

    The Program
    The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to enhance the leadership potential and vision of policymakers who are likely to be at the helm of tomorrow’s legislatures. Through this unique program, we seek to broaden their perspectives to enable them to challenge the future in new and positive ways. A variety of presentations from leading political leaders will be combined with cutting-edge leadership concepts from world-renowned faculty. The participants themselves will be the center of an action-oriented process that will make a real difference for the future.

    The Participants
    The State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF) will seek nominations from presiding officers in the 50 state legislatures. Nominees will be asked to complete an application which will be reviewed by an independent selection committee. State legislators who have recently begun their careers in public service and who demonstrate the skills and aptitude to attain positions of greater political responsibility will be eligible to participate. One of the primary criteria for selection will be the candidate’s long-term commitment to public service and keen interest in self development.

    The key objective is to develop the leadership potential of emerging political leaders for the challenges of the twenty-first century. This will be accomplished through a highly interactive program that focuses on:
    • Analysis and feedback on elements of personal leadership style.
    • Awareness of the importance of values and ethics in governance and public service.
    • Gaining perspective on the importance of the role of the state legislature in contemporary American politics.
    • Recognition of the importance of legislators as consensus builders and facilitators of compromise.

    The following topics will be studied, analyzed, and discussed:
    • A Current Perspective on Political Leadership
    • Personal Leadership in a Changing World
    • Group Dynamics and Leadership
    • Values and Ethics
    • The Art of Political Leadership
    • Issues in State Legislative Leadership
    • The Global Perspective
    • Action Steps to Make a Difference

    For more information, please contact Papalinka Paradise at: or 508-771-3821.

    For program brochure click here.