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    2012 Health Care Summit

    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

    The Affordable Care Act: Fact, Fiction and Implementation

    Few laws, if any, in recent memory, have been as debated and politicized as the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA). Proponents claim it will solve the nation’s health care crisis while opponents say it will only make that crisis worse. Who is correct? On September 13-15, 2012, more than sixty state legislators from 30 states joined corporate leaders and health care experts at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland to answer that question.

    Hosted by Maryland legislative leaders, House Speaker Mike Busch and Senate President Mike Miller, and the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, The Affordable Care Act: Fact, Fiction and Implementation offered a non political forum for the 33 Republican and 33 Democratic leaders to put aside their party labels and ideological perspectives and find out just what the ACA does and does not do and how it will impact the constituents they represent. Participants heard from experts regarding exactly what the law requires, encourages, or does not allow, and participated in a debate between a representative of the Obama administration and a scholar from the American Enterprise Institute who opposes the new law. They also had the opportunity to question experts on two of the most controversial aspects of the law: the insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion.

    Jon Richards, Wisconsin Assemblyman and Chair of the Health and Healthcare Reform Committee said “Very impressed. I have been attending health care forums for five years and this was the best one I have attended.” Speaker Bob Nutting, Maine, stated that “No organization sets the bar as high as SLLF. This program was very timely.” Jason Frerichs, Minority Leader of the North Dakota Senate, summed up the value of the meeting, noting that it was “worthwhile to have civil, academic discussion from the experts on a law that has strong beliefs on either side of the debate.”

    SLLF President Stephen G. Lakis said “Regardless of how anybody feels about the ACA, it is now and will almost certainly continue to be the law of the land. In our Health Care Summit, we cut through the clutter, hyperbole, and misinformation and informed legislative leaders about what the law actually requires. It’s the responsibility of our elected leaders to know what the law says and to make the best decisions for each state on how best to implement its provisions.”