National Speakers Conference

In 1991, a group of Speakers of the House convened the first meeting of what was soon to become known as the National Speakers Conference (NSC). After holding three meetings, in 1994 the Speakers elected to affiliate with the State Legislative Leaders Foundation.

Since then, the NSC has matured into the single largest gathering of presiding officers in the nation with well over half of all sitting Speakers and their chiefs of staff attending this annual 3-day conference. Every year the NSC rotates to a different state giving the host Speaker the opportunity to “showcase” the best of his or her state.

New Speakers Orientation Program

In odd numbered years, shortly after the general elections, the SLLF and National Speakers Conference (NSC) convene a special program exclusively for recently elected Speakers. It is an unique event with nearly 75% of all new Speakers attending.

The benefits of attending the New Speakers Program are significant. Newly elected speakers interact with seasoned Speakers, learning more about what to expect in their new job. They discuss with their peers and an expert faculty, proven techniques and strategies that can help ease the transition from a state legislator to Speaker. But unquestionably, the greatest benefit of this program is the opportunity for these new leaders to connect with one another.

As with all SLLF programs, the emphasis is on group interaction, on building relationships that cross party lines and emphasize the common interests and concerns shared by all legislative leaders.

2017 National Speakers Conference Events

February 17 – 19
NSC New Speakers Orientation
Washington, DC

September 6 – 9
NSC Annual Meeting
Columbus, Ohio

2016 National Speakers Conference Events

August 24 – 27
NSC Annual Meeting
25th Annual Meeting – Burlington, Vermont