In 2013, the State Legislative Leaders Foundation established a new national educational program exclusively for House and Senate Majority Leaders. This annual program, now known as the Conference of State Majority Leaders, rotates from state to state based on the Majority Leader selected to be the host.

There are no written rules in any state that define the duties and responsibilities of Majority Leader. It is very much an “on the job training” position. Majority Leaders learn from legislative traditions, or from immediate predecessors. Often, they take direction from the presiding officer of their chamber.

The Conference of State Majority Leaders gives these men and women a valuable opportunity to discuss their jobs. They learn how the job is handled in other legislatures, they discuss best practices with skilled experts, and most importantly, they get to know their peers.

Alums of the program tell us that the most valuable benefit of attending, may be the lasting friendships formed among one’s peers.


 2017 Majority Leaders Program (5th Annual)

July 20 –  June 22
Conference of State Majority Leaders
Denver, Colorado

 2016 Majority Leaders Program

June 22 –  June 24
Conference of State Majority Leaders
Honolulu, Hawaii