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    2017 Fall Leadership Summit

    Los Angeles, California

    For our Fall Leadership Summit we will partner with the University of Southern California to bring you "Technology Governance and Democracy: Promises and Pitfalls." The summit will take place from October 26 –28 in in Los Angeles, California.

    How can technology keep the public better informed and engaged in our democracy?

    How do we protect our privacy, our elections and our economy?

    It is essential that state legislative leaders have a clear and unbiased assessment of the promise and the pitfalls of certain technologies that are already in our lives, and becoming more integrated into them with each passing day.

    To this end, our program will attempt to do the following:

    • We will provide participants with an overview of some of the latest developments in technology, and the implications of so called “big data” for governance and democracy.
    • We will examine how social media and gaming technology can be used to engage the public with its government.
    • Finally and most importantly, we will look at the many threats new technologies pose to our privacy and our security and the many unintended and unforeseen consequences these technologies will have.

    We will be staying at the brand new Hotel Indigo in downtown Los Angeles. Look for your official invitation in early September.

    For additional information please contact Evelene Lakis.