I Don’t Want to Burst Your Bubble….Or Maybe I Do!

By Thomas H. Little, Ph.D. and SLLF Director of Curriculum Development and Research A couple of months ago, I posted a blog called “E Pluribus Unum,” in which I described how participants in SLLF’s Emerging Leaders Program were able to set aside partisan and ideological differences to form a cooperative and cohesive unit. As I [...]

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E Pluribus Unum

By Thomas H. Little, Ph.D. and SLLF Director of Curriculum Development and Research E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. America’s unofficial motto. It is on the Great Seal of the United States and the back of the quarter. It has been used for generations to describe the country, referring to the belief that many [...]

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Independence Day: What Can the Leaders of Today Learn from our Founding Fathers?

By Thomas H. Little, Ph.D. and SLLF Director of Curriculum Development and Research Governments, especially their legislative branches, seem to have lost the respect of the voters they are elected to represent. A good friend describes the support of the United States Congress as being similar to AT&T’s “Friends and Family Plan” - the only [...]

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Caught in the Middle: Majority Leaders Revisited

This June, SLLF will host the fourth annual Conference for State Majority Leaders (CSML) in Honolulu, Hawaii. As we prepare for this meeting, we thought we would revisit a paper that Steve Lakis, Ken Morton and Thom Little wrote after the first meeting three years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. The paper is entitled “Caught in [...]

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The State Legislature of Tomorrow (or “Kicking and Screaming”)

By Thomas H. Little, Ph.D. and SLLF Director of Curriculum Development and Research Recently, an interesting video was brought to my attention by a former student. Entitled The Ayes Have it: The North Carolina General Assembly, the 30 minute video describes and explores the activities of the 1963 North Carolina General Assembly, showcasing its shiny [...]

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So Proud I Could Bust!

By Thomas H. Little, Ph.D. SLLF Director of Curriculum Development and Research Do you recall those times in your life that you were, as my grandfather used to say, “So proud I could bust?” When your son aced that piano recital? When your daughter nailed the three pointer to win the game? When that girl [...]

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The Year Just Passed and the Year Ahead

by Stephen G. Lakis, President, SLLF In 2015 SLLF held 9 major programs, (which explains why the year went by so fast: one program after another, each different in content, location and audience). It was another great year for us with legislative leaders from every state in the nation participating in at least one SLLF event. [...]

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Advice for the New Year: Watch the Cars, Not the Light

By Thomas H. Little, Ph.D. As a 20 year-old college student, I was privileged to serve as an intern in the North Carolina General Assembly during the 1985 legislative session. Working for Senate Majority Leader Kenneth C. Royall, Jr. taught me many things about leadership but one of my most vivid memories and greatest lessons [...]

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