What is the State Legislative Leaders Foundation?

Established in 1972, the SLLF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the professional development of all Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders, and Pro Tempore. All SLLF programs focus on two categories: strengthening leadership skills and examining critical public policy issues.

How is the SLLF funded?

SLLF receives most of its funding from the private sector in the form of annual dues and program sponsorship fees. The Foundation’s principal source of private sector funds comes from a 70-member Advisory Council made up of representatives of leading corporations and businesses.

What role does the private sector play in SLLF programs?

Private sector representatives are invited to sit in the classroom with legislative leaders and take part in the discussions. Though the subject matter most often does not relate to their company’s direct interests, these representatives of the private sector bring a valuable perspective into the debate.

What role do universities play in SLLF programs?

Most SLLF programs are held in partnership with universities and colleges and focus on public policy issues or specific aspects of leadership. The school SLLF chooses to partner with depends primarily on that school’s area of expertise. Our overarching goal is to strive for objectivity, accuracy, and balance in all the programs we present. Our university partnerships help us ensure we meet these high standards.

What distinguishes SLLF from other legislative organizations?

SLLF is the only nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents ALL Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders and Pro Tempore.

SLLF programs are widely regarded for their excellence as serious learning experiences, where facts and objectivity are valued above all else. Virtually equal numbers of Republicans, Democrats, liberals and conservatives, Senate and House leaders attend SLLF programs.

SLLF does not advocate positions on public policy nor do we accept public funds.

Our programs are small when compared to other organizations. From 40 to 60 legislative leaders  and a similar number of corporate leaders participate in each program. Along with spouses and special guests, the average size of an SLLF event is 125 persons.

Our staff is exceptional and experienced and each staff member averages over 20 years of continuous service with the Foundation.

How are legislative leaders selected to participate in programs?

The SLLF is not a membership organization. All Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House, Majority Leaders, and Minority Leaders are eligible to attend our programs.