What is SLLF?

The SLLF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to professional development for our nation’s current and future state legislative leaders. Our constituency includes Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders, and Pro Tempores. And through our Emerging Leaders Program, we offer mentoring to first and second term legislators who have been identified by their peers as future leaders.

A Common Set of Values

ALL legislative leaders, regardless of their party, politics or ideology, share a common set of values which include respect for the institution of the state legislature and a moral commitment to preserving and protecting the integrity of that institution. Our educational programs, held in partnership with leading colleges and universities, are designed to give these leaders the objective information they need to make reasoned decisions on important public policy issues.

No Labels

There are no labels in the SLLF ranks. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, liberals and conservatives are all welcome at SLLF programs. Friendships between leaders from different states and parties are forged based on mutual respect and the recognition that all leaders share an overriding goal of being responsible custodians of the legislatures they serve.