To better prepare and to encourage informed discussion at the Leadership Forum at Brown University, we recommend the following articles:

CASE STUDY: Tackling the BIG Issue: How Leadership Achieved Real Pension Reform in Rhode Island


The Allegory of the Cave - Excerpt from Plato's Republic

Truth in Numbers: The Security & Sustainability of Rhode Island's Retirement System - This is the report that helped make the case for the Rhode Island Pension Reform bill that recently passed.

Rhode Island pension reform success may spread to Illinois - Chicago Tribune editorial Lessons from 'The Little State that Could': 'This is about math, not politics' 

The Little State That Could - "Straight shooting Gina Raimondo overhauled Rhode Island's pension system in less than a year. Washington should sit up and take notes." (Time Magazine, Dec. 5, 2011)

 Lessons From Rhode Island - "Bold changes to its pension plans have caught the attention of other states." (State Legislatures magazine, Feb 2012)

The Democrat Who Took the Unions - Wall Street Journal interview with Rhode Island General Treasurer Gina Raimondo (WSJ, March 24, 2012)

State Integrity investigation - See Your State's Report Card

50 States and No Winners - Commentary on the results of the State Integrity investigation