What is the State Legislative Leaders Foundation?

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization established in 1972 for the express purpose of providing our nation's state legislative leaders with information on critical public policy issues and aspects of leadership. We accomplish this through our national educational programs held in partnership with leading universities, independent research, and through our various leadership publicatons.

How is the SLLF funded?

SLLF receives nearly all its funding from the private sector in the form of annual dues and program sponsorship fees. The Foundation's principal source of private sector funds comes from our 65 member Advisory Council made up of representatives of leading corporations. Advisory Council members are invited to attend all Foundation programs along with state legislative leaders.

What distinguishes SLLF from other legislative organizations?

There are many worthy organizations providing support to state legislators and the SLLF shares with all these organizations a clear dedication to strengthening our democratic process. But unlike all these organizations, SLLFs focus is sharply defined to include only titled state legislative leaders: Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders, and Pro Tempores. These are the only elected officals that participate in SLLF programs, with the one exception being a very special program for future legislative leaders, The Emerging Leaders Program at the University of Virginia.

Further distinguishing characteristics of SLLF include:

Our relatively small size.
We work with just 351 state legislative leaders. Along with these men and women, we also work closely with the members of our Advisory Council which is also limited in size to no more than 65 corporations and no more than two representatives from each corporation.

We do not accept public funds. SLLF is funded exclusively by contributions from the private sector, registration fees, and grants and contracts with governmental agencies and philanthropic foundations. To insure the integrity of our programs, the Foundation partners with universities and relies on university faculty and nationally and internationally recognized speakers to make up its program curricula.

We are completely nonpartisan and we take no positions on issues. The role of the SLLF is to be an impartial educational resource for these men and women. On any given subject the goal is always the same: provide factual, objective information describing the issue, offer ideas on how the issue might be addressed, and promote debate in the classroom to further enhance everyone's understanding of the pros and cons of all different strategies.